High pressure suction gun operation skills explain

Release time: 2023-09-17 21:45

The high pressure suction gun is a commonly used cleaning tool, which is used for cleaning through high pressure water jet. Correct operation skills can improve work efficiency and ensure safe operation. Below I will explain the operation skills of the high-pressure suction gun in detail.

Adjust the nozzle: according to the need, select the appropriate nozzle to adjust. There are usually many types of fan nozzles, direct nozzles and rotating nozzles to choose from. Fan nozzle is suitable for cleaning large area; Direct nozzle is suitable for high pressure cleaning of strong dirt; The rotary nozzle is suitable for cleaning difficult dirt.

Connect the water source: Connect the water inlet port of the high pressure suction gun to the water source, and ensure that the water pipe is securely connected.

Turn on the water source: Turn on the water source, ensure the normal water supply, and adjust the water pressure.

Open the high pressure suction gun: press the switch of the high pressure suction gun, start the high pressure water pump, and aim the nozzle at the target to be cleaned.

Cleaning action: Gradually move the nozzle to the target object, and maintain the appropriate distance. When cleaning, attention should be paid to moderate tilt operation, so that the high-pressure water jet and the target object into about 30 degrees Angle to increase the cleaning effect.

Working path: Z-shaped or S-shaped working path to ensure uniform cleaning surface. When cleaning, the same location should be avoided multiple times to prevent damage to the target.

Turn off the high pressure suction gun: After cleaning, loosen the switch, turn off the high pressure suction gun, and turn off the water source.

Cleaning the suction gun and nozzle: After each use, the suction gun and nozzle should be cleaned in time to prevent blockage.