What is the difference between low-pressure and high-pressure cleaning machines

Release time: 2023-09-19 23:16

Low pressure and high pressure cleaning machines are cleaning equipment for different purposes, and the difference is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Working principle and principle: The low-pressure cleaning machine uses a low-pressure pump to spray the cleaning agent to the surface of the object to be cleaned, and removes the dirt through chemical reaction and physical scouring. Pressure washers use high-pressure water to wash dirt off the surface.

Cleaning effect: Due to the high pressure water flow impact force of the high pressure cleaning machine, it can better remove solid attachments, oil and surface dirt. The low-pressure cleaning machine is more suitable for cleaning chemical substances or dirt on the surface of vulnerable objects, such as electronic equipment, glass, etc.

Cleaning range: High pressure cleaning machine is more suitable for large areas, need to focus on washing places, such as industrial equipment, building external walls, roads and so on. The low-pressure cleaning machine is suitable for small areas, the need for fine cleaning of the surface of the object, such as household goods, car surfaces, etc.

Cleaning speed and efficiency: Due to the strong scouring force of the high pressure washer, the cleaning speed is lower, but the cleaning effect is better. The low pressure cleaning machine due to the use of lower pressure, cleaning speed is faster, but the relative effect is poor.

Safety of use: Because the water flow speed is faster and the scouring force is larger, it is necessary to pay attention to safety and avoid injury when using the high pressure washer. The use of low-pressure cleaning machines is safer and less risky.

Functional expansion: Some high pressure washers have other functions, such as spraying high temperature water, steam, etc., which can be used to clean various special surfaces and environments. The low pressure cleaning machine usually only has the basic cleaning function.

Cost of use: High pressure cleaners usually have higher prices and higher maintenance costs, while low pressure cleaners have relatively low prices and lower maintenance costs.

Environmental impact: Because the pressure washer uses water as a cleaning agent, its impact on the environment is relatively small. The low pressure cleaning machine may use chemical cleaning agents, which has a certain negative impact on the environment.

In summary, there are certain differences between low pressure cleaning machines and high pressure cleaning machines in terms of working principle, cleaning effect, cleaning range, cleaning speed and efficiency, safety, functional scalability, use cost and environmental impact. When selecting the cleaning device, select the cleaning device as required.